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Byothea FICO D’INDIA Soothing Face Cream 50ml - Brands Now

Byotea Soothing Face Cream Barbary Fig Oil 50ml

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  • FICO D’INDIA (Barbary Fig Oil) Has naturally superb calming properties Suitable for skin subject to external attack. Prevents reddening of the face and performs an immediate soothing and nourishing action. It Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, leaving skin supple and hydrated, as well as visibly more compact and even.
  • Barbary Fig Oil– Obtained by cold pressing, it has a soothing, hydrating regenerating, repairing and firming properties. Prevents reddening and irritation, guaranteeing a soothing, nourishing action that brings relief to the skin.
  • Mallow– Soothing and moisturising it protects against adverse weather conditions. Leaves your skin relaxed, without redness protected.
  • Calendula– Medicinal plant with anti-edema properties, reduces swelling and irritation. Leaves facial skin free from irritation, hydrated and uniform.
  • Azulene– Plant with potent soothing and calming actions. Counters redness, calms and soothes skin.

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