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Bellabaci Circuflow 250mL

Bellabaci Circuflow 250mL

  • $33.00

  • This wonderful formulation is your best option to get rid of Spider Veins, improve and balance hormones and body systems and increase your well-being and health. Boost your immunity, energy levels and just get used to feeling your best with this powerful formulation.
  • Why should you use the Bellabaci Circuflow Genie?

  • The superior combination of these aromatic oils and homeopathic synergies will combat any form of venous insufficiency and drainage. This Genie also addresses skin and cell fragility, which plays a role in the formation of Varicose and Spider Veins.
  • Cape Chestnut is included for its protective function and high levels of moisturizing fatty acids as well as Bay leaf oil for its therapeutic properties of circulatory enhancer and diuretic effects. Compromised capillary structures are restored with Horsetail and Cypress oil and Juniper berry for its lymphatic decongestant function. We have added the anti-inflammatory benefits of Lemon oil and the liver-stimulant properties of Lime oil. Add to that the stress-reducing actions of Cape Chamomile, your blood pressure will be happy once again!
  • For best results, use in conjunction with your Bellabaci Body Cups as they help to a

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