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Bellabaci Bye-Bye Belly Blues 250mL

Bellabaci Bye-Bye Belly Blues 250mL

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  • Say Hello to a comfortable belly with the Bellabaci Bye Bye Belly Blues Genie in a Bottle. Combining the best of Homeopathic Synergies and Aromatherapeutic Complexes, this fast-acting formula treats form Belly Bloat to IBS, and everything inbetween.
  • It’s time for happy and comfortable bellies with the Bellabaci Bye Bye Belly Blues Genie in a Bottle. This natural formulation has the latest technology to combine the benefits of specialized Homeopathic synergies and aromatherapeutic complexes, delivered by organic and results-driven carrier oils Such as Coconut, Safflower and Kalahari Melon to ensure fast delivery of active ingredients. This formulation treat acute and chronic abdominal upsets and their related issues.
  • Formulated to also treat your mind and emotions, which can reek havoc on abdominal qualms and trigger an attack such as stress-relief, mood-upliftment and relief in fear-type situations.
  • Used twice daily or as needed, apply to your abdominal area to comfort, treat, relieve and repair.
  • Use in conjunction with your Bellabaci Body or Super Cups for even faster pain-relieving results. Apply your Genie, squeeze the cup and place just above your right hip. glide the cup upwards, following the colon just under your ribcage, move across and then proceed to glide the cup downward, ending off on your left hip.
  • Follow this circle and spend about 10 minutes gently massaging your abdomen at least once daily or as the need arises.

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