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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the products

We search the world for the best priced, on trend branded products to offer our customers in Australia.  These products are all genuine and supported with documentation to prove their authenticity.  We take this step very seriously.

Our ability to find these products means that you can buy the Brand you want for a great price, normally well below local retail.

Do you always sell the same items?

NO  our product range changes all the time.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with what's available now

If you see something you like on site, be sure to purchase quickly as we often sell out quickly.

Is my payment / credit card secure?

YES our site processes all payments through either Paypal a global online payment provider or EWay.  Both businesses carry out your payment process and ensure your details are safe.  At no stage are your credit card details stored by Brands Now.

How does my purchase get to me?

Following your purchase, we fly your product to Australia then deliver it to your door using Australia Post.  Sometimes we'll ship to it you using DHL.

All the product is fully tracked and requires your signature when your delivery is made.

How Long does it take to get my order?

Normally delivery takes between 3 and 4 weeks - if your in a rural or remote area, it may be a little longer.  We'll send you tracking information so you can see where it is once we've started moving the product.

Can you deliver to my office?

Of course!  As long as someone is there to sign for it!

How about Post Office Boxes and Parcel Lockers?

Yes, we use Australia Post for all our Australian deliveries - meaning there is no problem delivering to your Post office or Parcel Locker.

How about returns?  How does that work?

Because we bring the product to Australia exclusively for you, we only accept returns for damaged products.  On the very rare occasion this happens, we'll provide you a return paid process to send your product back to our Melbourne warehouse.

I'm a retailer - do you sell wholesale?

We do sell wholesale - please send your details and what you are looking to source to

Taxes and Duties

In Australia currently, no duties or taxes are payable on international personal purchases under $1000.  If your order is above this value, you will be liable for any taxes or duties incurred on importation of the product.

 How Do I get in touch with you?

Our contact details are below - please feel free to email or call at any time.  We'd love to talk to you and answer any questions

Our warehouse address is provided for returns only - there is no opportunity to make purchases there.