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How to Eliminate Hair Loss with Nioxin

Nioxin is a professional hair care brand tailored to assisting with hair loss and thinning hair. Founded in 1987 to effectively provide and research scalp based products that other brands never considered, Nioxin continuously built upon its knowledge to connect with people and provide solutions. As the no1 brand for thinning hair, Nioxin is one of the best loved haircare brands on the market. If you’re suffering from thin hair or hair loss, here’s why we thoroughly recommend using Nioxin.


An intensive treatment

Do you suffer from a receding hairline? Maybe you have low density areas of hair? To fix these problems in one swoop, try using an intensive treatment like Nioxin Hair Booster. Formulated with a high concentration of CoZyme-10 vitamin complex, apply this product in the morning and evening to thin hair, such as a receding hairline. The vitamin complex and keratin work together to fight cuticle damage and strengthen fragile hair. With constant use of the Nioxin Hair Booster, your hair will appear denser, fuller and healthier looking. This quick and easy to use product is the best way to grow your hair with minimal effort.


Hair kits to improve thinning hair

Nioxin hair kits are a three part system designed to give maximum benefits to scalps suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. Each system is tailored to a specific hair type and contains a cleaner, scalp revitaliser and scalp treatment. Nioxin System 1 is devised for fine hair and each product is formulated with botanicals, nutrients, protein, vitamins and antioxidants which work in harmony to create a healthy scalp to improve the appearance of thinning hair. We also have other discounted Nioxin hair kits that are readily available for other types of hair.

 Kit 2 is ideal for thinning fine hair that requires a healthy shine and denser looking scalp.

  Kit 3 is perfect for thinning, chemically treated hair that needs moisture. Meanwhile.

  Kit 4 is also for coloured hair that requires a moisture boost as well as protection of the scalp.


Hair duos


Don’t want to use a kit? We love the Nioxin hair duos, consisting of a detoxifying cleanser to remove product build-up and toxins for a clean and healthy scalp. There’s also a conditioner to deliver nutrients and essential oils for improving thinning hair.

Buy discounted Nioxin today and save money on essential products! Delivered in Australia, we only sell authentic Nioxin haircare that prevents hair loss.

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