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Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense Acne Treatment 30ml

This little beauty packs some serious acne busting power without any of the harsh results I sometimes get from other 'Acne' treatments. I was a bit skepticalat first as its not a harsh scrub or wash that I'm used to.

Its a lightweight oil free serum,applied after cleansing to work its magic over night (and in the morning if you choose).

Its active acne and dead skin removal key ingredients are 
salicylic acid, which is an amazing BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) that refines pores and helps reduce acne.

And glycolic acid that removes dead skin-cell build-up and helps increase hydration.
Citric acid which encourages exfoliation and helps reduce the signs of aging.

Idiotic acid a naturalvegetable acid that helps reduce sebum production and acne bacteria, and helps prevents those post-inflammatory acne marks caused by inflammation and/or sun exposure.

LHA exfoliates, decongestant clogged pores, smooths the skin’s surface and reduces inflammation.All of these combined slough off dead skin which causes the oil build up and in turn the acne.

Clinical trials have proven very effective and i have to say after 4 weeks of twice daily use my skin is less clogged,there are less angry little bumps and my pores are less open.
After years of harsh treatments this is something I find effective eventhough its gentle!
Just make sure you are cleansing thoroughly before hand!
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