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If you are looking for the perfect shade of nail polish, whatever the ocassion may be, Essie has got you covered with 106 shades, thats right every colour under the sun. Its hailed as a salon quality polish at a much cheaper price than OPI.

Essie has tonnes of celebrity fans like Emily Blunt, Rachel, McAdams, and the amazing Chrissy Tiegan.

Also their colour ambassador is the amazing designer Rebecca Minkoff.

I have heard a lot of celebrity manicurists use it due to the choice of colours in the range.


I am a huge OPI fan and didn't really want to change from my normal staple which has worked so well and been so faithful.

But I decided to give it a try and i was absolutely delighted. 

I was bridesmaid for my best friend who was getting marries and she wanted us all to have a sort of pink/beige,nude shade...HELP! But Essie was able to give me the answer in Fiji, a perfect sandy, pink with just the right amount of gloss.

I did a bit of reading up on Essie on their site before trying it out so I could get the perfect manicure.

First of all if you HAVE to buff your nails which they do not advise as it weakens the nail bed, do it ever so gently.

Next you will need to apply a layer of their base coat. This will make the polish last longer and make it more chip resistant.

Wait 2 minutes to let this dry fully to prevent any smudges.

after you have spent sufficient hours choosing from the huge variety of shades apply your first coat...again wait a further 2 minutes for it to dry fully...we dont want any smudges and to have to start again.

Apply your second coat for that deep pigmented look, then again after 2 minutes apply one coat of top coat. this will set the polish, prevent chips and give that super glossy finish.


I also learned some amazing tips on their website on how to achieve the perfect manicure

  • when filing your nails always file towards the centre, filing forwards and back will damage the nail.
  • wondering what shape your nail should should follow the shape of your cuticle.
  • don't moisturise your hands or cuticles before polish as this will prevent the polish from setting correctly
  • instead of cutting your cuticles if they look raggady or you have a hang nail, push them back
  • you should apply a top coat every 2-3 days to keep nails looking freshly manicured.
  • if you do happen to make a little smudge if you havnt waited long enough for the nails to dry, here is a tip, dab a small amount of nail polish remover on the smudge, wait a few seconds and then reapply the shade to the area.
  • always store your nail polish out of sunlight and keep the top of the bottle clean to prevent it from going gloopy.
  • if you have concerns about the ageing appearance of your hands opt for darker shades as they will draw attention to the nail instead of the hand!


I also did a bit of research to bring you the top 10 best selling shades of Essie, ever, just to make your colour choice that little bit easier.


1/10  Marshmallow

2/10      Chin chilly                      



3/10    Fiji

4/10  Dive Bar 


5/10  Borrowed & Blue

6/10  luxedo 

7/10  Sand Tropez

8/10 Turquoise & Caicos 

9/10 Big Splender 


10/10 Mint Candy Apple 




You can shop Essie online way below retail prices at $6.45 on delivered straight to your door in Australia.

Here is the link where I bought mine

So get your Essie at super cheap prices with so many colours to choose from at a bargain now!




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