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Dermalogica Multi active toner

Dermalogica Multi Active toner is the perfect addition to any skincare
routine, its refreshing, and my skin feels super hydrated after I use

I started using this toner a few weeks back after being recommended it
to me by a friend who just happens to be a beauty blogger and make up
artist so you cant exactly not take her advice!!!

The claims Dermalogica make are that it seals pores after cleansing
and that moisturizers and serums will glide on so much smoother.
Lavender extract, a natural antiseptic, soothes and purifies while
balm mint and aloe vera cool and soften the skin. It is suitable for
all skin types especially perfect for oily acne prone skin as it helps
to close the pores preventing any nasties getting in there and
blocking them up.

On my first trial of this I cleansed my face as usual and then added a
spritz of this before applying my moisturiser. I was surprised at how
amazingly refreshing this felt and definately needed to use less serum
and moisturiser!

I loved the fact that compared to other tomers there was no need to
use pads to apply, just spray and go! Super handy!

I sometimes suffer from sensitive skin but this did not irritate at
all as its fragrance free!
I have heard of people taking this on flights too to freshen up and
keep skin hydrated. Bonus!

There are apparently tonnes of celebrity fans who swear by
this....Victoria Beckham, Isla Fscher, Jada Pinkett Smith to name but
a few, and hey if its good enough for A list stars and celebrities its
good enough for me!

You can shop this product online in australia at huge savings on
Heres the link I purchased from


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