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Celebrities and stylists to the stars who uses air products to keep their mains sexy and lustrous 99% of the time Kerastase is the product of choice. Celeb lovers are endless, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen, Kristin Cavillari, Hilary Duff, j.lo and Courtney Cox. So what is it about Kerastase that makes everyone keen spend big on these products.

Kerastase sells products customized for a wide variety of hair types. There's Nutritive for Normal, Dry, Curly, or Thick Hair; Reflection for Color-Treated Hair; Resistance for Fine or Damaged Hair, Age Premium for Mature or Gray Hair, Cristalliste for Long Hair, Soleil for Sun Exposed Hair, and a huge range of other specialist products including treatments for thinning hair and men's hair.

  •  Kerastase consistently gives more shine better manageability and elasticity and bounce than other brands. Users love that when using Kerastase they always have a good hair day. They don't worry about bad hair days because their hair generally behaves the same every day when using Kerastase. Kerastase shampoos are gentle non stripping, it never leaves your hair feeling brittle or parched. Fine haired people especially love the Resistance Shampoo because it's so moisturizing they dont necessarily need to use conditioner, which can weigh down their hair. Users also generally feel that long term use of Kerastase products improves the overall health of their 
  • I choose a product that's specifically made for advise going to your salon,finding which ones are best suited to your hair type (then buy for a steal online)
  • best sellers ;The Bain Oleo Relax Shampoo consistently ranks among the brand's most loved shampoos. It's great for normal, dry, and curly hair alike. It seems to do the best job of decreasing frizz among the shampoos. 
  •  Need a little volume? Spray Volume active, creates volume without making the hair feel crunchy or weighed down by product. Finally, if you're battling dry hair from over-processing or too much time in the sun, there's no better way to recharge your hair than with the Masque Nutri-Thermique. This hair mask is packed full of the finest oils and moisturizers that when left on your hair for just 5 minutes will leave you with hair that feels and behaves like new.

Some people question whether Kerastase is really worth spending the big bucks on for just one bottle of shampoo or conditioner. The fact is, celebrities can afford any hair products and make their living in part based on how their hair looks. So many of them would not be using Kerastase if it didn't really deliver on its promises. Kerastase wins with celebrities and normal women alike because it brings out the best in your hair--nothing more nothing less. it does what it promises!!!

best news is you can get it for a steal on just shop online and they will deliver to your door in Australia at huge savings!!!! Here's the link I used


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