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Dermalogica Precleanse

Acne sufferers rejoice!! Theres hope for us yet!

We have all heard about the new craze for 'double cleansing' meaning basically using your same cleanser to cleanse your face, twice, in the space of 2 minutes, yes, using the same technique, product and ingredients twice to give you a etter deeper clean...hmmm I fail to see the benefits!

Being intrigued in the idea though I stumbled across the Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse which is designed to be used before our normal cleanser to break down pore clogging oils which lead to spots and even cystic acne, black heads and pimples. On contact with water this solution turns into a foam to break down the remains of theday and remove them from your skin.

 So the claims of this product got me yearning for it in my skincare routine. I couldn't resist! It's  plant-based cleansing oil ( I know, oil to clean oil, acne prone skin I hear you ask?? but trust me....the science works!) It melts away the layers  layers of extra oils, dirt, dead skin and skin products that build-up during the day. It contains olive oil to smooth and soften skin, apricot kernel oil to soothe irritation, nourish and moisturise the skin and borage seed oil, which is widely used for treating inflammation, eczema, dehydration and dullness. It also contains vitamin E oil, a rich antioxidant for fighting off pesky lines and wrinkles!

It may sound like another boring and unnecessary step in your skin care routine but tust me the extra 2 minutes it takes makes such a big difference!


Have you ever seen how much make up comes off if you were to use  a cleansing wipe to cleanse and then do it a second time?


Since I started using this product each night,only 2 weeks ago, I have noticed a huge reduction in blackheads, pimples and even my cystic adult acne which flares up from time to time!

Its suitable for all skin types so everyone, do your self and your skin a favour and invest in this saviour.


You can shop online at
even for the professional sizes at huge savings and get it delivered to your door (in Australia).
Trust me its like having a beautician give you a facial every night!

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