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Huge 5 tier make up Organiser

So we all have at least one over indulgence in life. Mine happens to be make up, and the over indulgence? not so little! I have make up bursting from every bag, drawer, box and cabinet in my bedroom and bathroom...well at least I did until I got my hands on a huge acrylic make up organizer with 5 drawers......that took care of probably my foundation colletion alone....which consists of about 40 full size foundations from NARS to MAC to Lancome!

I ended up getting 3 of these babies and putting them on my dressing table and bathroom shelf. Before I had these my make up was very poorly organised, not easily accessable or visible making it a pain when looking for that particular shade of Bobbi Brown lip liner.
Now everything is neatly placed and visible and looks super fancy in my room too, its not only a great way to store your make up its a great way to show it off too! Now all my friend can see just how much lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, blusher, bronzer etc that I have plus I tend to place the newer hotter items at the front to show how on trend I am....sad I know, but true!
I first saw these on the Keeping up with the Kardashians glamroom shelves and had no idea where I could find one.
I found mine on for only $49! Bargain. They deliver straight to your door within a few days and the size of it is huge. It can also be used for storing jewellery and any other little bits and bobs. Obviously if you dont have as vast a make up collection as me you could add in your skincare routine too!...Heres the link to where I got mine
All in all this is a life saver and keeps my shelves and counters make up clutter free.
Thank you Kim, Kylie et al for teaching me how!!!


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