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So being the salon junkie that I am, I never usually try these beauty treatments at home
when I can have a professional do it for me, after all your skin is where your beauty lies!
I love having chemical peels, fractional laser, light treatment, microdermabrasion and
not to mention the extractions I need to have sometimes when some blemishes, pimples
or even adult acne pops up from time to time! You name it I have tried it.

For my birthday my friend thought it would be a good idea to get me an At Home
Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip Device.

I was very sceptical at first but I knew show would ask how it worked and I didn’t want
to have to pretend I had used it.

So here’s how the treatment went:

I did my usual cleanse routine but did not put on my follow up serums and creams
before the treatment. The device itself is a dual action treatment, not only does it have
the diamond tip, it also has vacuum to suck away all the dead skin cells. The Diamond
tip works by exfoliating the dead skin cells and stimulating the underlying skin cells,
promoting future growth and encouraging collagen production. By helping along the
rapid exfoliation of the accumulated surface skin cells and by stimulating the production
of collagen, cells are renewed and appear firmer, plumped and even more clear and
radiant. Microdermabrasion also improves the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged
pores, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin and even softens acne scarring.

The process is not painfull in any way and takes only 15-20 minutes depending on
how thorough you want to be or if its your first time trying it!

I have to say I was amazed at the results, my skin looked so much younger and has
an amazing glow about it! It looked pretty flawless if I’m honest!!!I had several
comments over the next few days from friends and colleagues wondering what my
beauty secret was.

Another added benefit was that I found myself having to use less product on my
skin as the dead cells weren’t soaking up all my expensive serums and creams!

Also my make up went on so much smoother and lasted much longer too!

My fine lines were much less visible, my skin looked plumper and more youthful.

Any nasty little blackheads were gone and not a pimple or acne mark in sight!!!

I had also just come back from a trip overseas where I boldly spent too much time
allowing the sun at my face so I had slight pigmentation over my lip and over my
right eyebrow. After this treatment it was completely gone.

 As the manufacturer claims this is suitable for all ages and skin types my Mother
and Daughter couldn’t wait to get their hands on it!

My daughter is going through those awkward acne prone oily skin years and she has
tried pretty much everything on the market with not much success, she tends to
resort to covering up the acne with tonnes of make up rather then get to the source
of the problem. After her first go you could see the ruddy, dull oily looking
complexion had changed into a much brighter clearer complexion. The Acne bumps
were definitely reduced as was the old scarring from old blemishes.

After using this on a weekly basis for the last 6 weeks her skin has totally
transformed and her confidence is shining through too!!!

My mother’s main concern is a rather large Sun/age spot she has on her cheek and
also she suffers from quite large open pores. After a few treatments with this
machine her skin was more youthful and her pores were much less noticeable…best
of all the brown sun/age spot was gone too!!

All in all with 1 treatment alone at a salon costing up to $150, buying this at home
kit for $179 on www.brandsnow.com.au which normally retails for $795 was a o
brainer, I love a good bargain and its so simple to use!!!!!

You can shop online and they will dispatch at the latest within 3 days so voila it just
gets delivered to your door super fast!



There’s tonnes of other big beauty brands at big savings on their site so this will
take you direct to this page so you can find it easily!



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