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Autumn beauty tips


With the change in season comes the need to change our skin care routine. Changes in temperature, airconditioning, heating and sun exposure all change the balance of our skin to our beauty routine.

Heres a few insider tips that make up artists the world over will follow for that change in season from Summer to Autumn!

In the summer months our skin is generally more tanned therefore we tend to use darker
foundation. As the weather cools and the tan fades we need to use a lighter more natural shade of foundation to match our skintone. Generally it is advisable to go down 1-2 shades depending on how much you tan during the summer months. Obviously you don’t want to look pasty and still want to hang on to that summer glow so the ideal way to extend that summer glow is with the use of a natural blush and some bronzer. A hint of false tan can also give your skin a boost and a sunkissed glow. As we tend to not frequent the beach so much we can go a little heavier on coverage too if need be, my favourite foundation to use is NARS sheer matte foundation, Its comes in so many shades to suit every skintone that you won’t be stuck for choice, it is also suitable to all skintones so whether you skin is a little drier/oilier in the cooler months its always my go to option. My ultimate blush / bronze combo is ALWAYS NARS Laguna and NARS Orgasm (no matter the season)


In the summer months we need to wear higher levels of SPF due to the suns rays being stronger. I am an advocate of SPF every day but sometimes the higher factors can be a bit thick and pore clogging. Autumn means less of a need for such high SPF. Skinceuticals has the ultimate in SPFs for fighting the suns harmful rays. Protection levels vary from 15 to 50 in UV defense.

Changing from air conditioning to heating can also be super drying on the skin, this is when I whip out my Dermalogica Multivitamin Power recovery masque. Its like an instant hydration booster and leaves skin glowing and thoroughly nourished, not to mention that it never gives me break outs as some heavy greasy masks can do.

The cooler months also means deeper tones are more on trend when it comes to lips and nails, while summer is all about nudes and pretty pinks I like to go for deeper, cooler tones come Autumn and winter. In summer my constant is OPI Alter Ego and Sweet heart in the Summer, Autumn winter for me means shades like OPIs Black Cherry Chutney and An Affair in Red Square.

Lips wise im a NARS Lip Gloss in Giza fanatic ( Kim Kardashians go to gloss too, so her make up artist says) Its hard to not reach for it every day but you gotta mix it up right! So when im feeling bold or fancy a change I switch to some thing like Giza for a more sophisticated look.

Last but not least I like to go a tad darker on my eyemake up, give that smokey sexy look rather than that beach goddess summer vibe. Im a big smokey eye pallet fan and a staple in my Autumn beauty bag is Youngbloods pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Shanghai Nights, the perfect 4 shade combo to take you from day to night.

Obviously changing up your beauty routine can cast a pretty penny so I’m always on the look out to save big on beauty and score myself a bargain. That’s where my new favourite discount beauty website comes in


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