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Imagine you pack your standard 40kg of nesessities for your trip overseas, 12 pairs of shoes, 20 dresses, 4 kg of jewellery, 6 handbags and your 8kg make up needs. You check in at Sydney Kingsfort, all runs ridiculously smooth, you even have time to browse mac, Bobbi Brown, Chanel Nars and the fragrance department. You go to the bar sit back relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine before take off! You are called to the boarding gate carrying you carry on precious – your make up case. Flight goes smoothly enough , a few more glasses of vino and a little snooze and I’m nearly in Bali. OOOOOOH summer holiday! After proceeding to bag collection and planning my first night’s outfit in my head I am super excited to meet my friends after I pick up my many bags. I stand there watching the carousol go around and around and around…..no bag for BEC. I approach the counter and I give my bag tag and after 20 minutes waiting in the sticky heat I am told my luggage was put on a different plane to Fiji…..not too be see before I depart Bali, FFS what will I do, All I have is the clothes on my back ad my arsenal of make up and one pair of thongs.


Thankfully as soon as you go outside there are tonnes of shops selling sarong’s in every length and colour imaginable. I promptly snap up 2 black, 1 white, I pink, I green. Outfits for the week sorted. Also I buy 3 pairs of thong’s glitzy and plain!


How easy it seemed to replace a whole wardrobe full of clothes in 5 minutes!


ON THE OTHER HAND – if my make up bag had of been sent to a foreign destination there would have been tears and tantrums a plenty, how would I go outside, my skin would be all spotty and oily, my hair a ball of frizz, no eyelashes visible to the human eye and eyebrow as thin as rice!!it could have been a holiday spent indoors reading a book!


The make up gods were shining on me that day thankfully so I had all the pieces of my kit!

The top 10 things in my kit I recommend you should carry on hand luggagge to avoid a disaster are:

OPI alter ego at $7.99 -it’s the perfect shade.

Electric Hair Straightening Brush $49 – keeps the frizz at bay, get sleek and straight with seconds of brushing.

Dermalogica ultra calming cleanser – gets my skin right after any flight.

Dermalogica oil free matte sunscreen – no sweating in the heat with this baby!

Kerastase Sun and Heat Protectant spray for hair

Nars Matte Multiple stick in Anguilla – gives me rosey cheeks that wont shimmer or slide

Nars sheer Matte Foundation – stays put without leaving a shiny residue

Bare Minerals finishing illuminating Mineral Veil powder – o give your face that soft glowing look!

Youngblood incredible wear gel eyeliner – make your eyes pop on the beach with this waterproof beauty!

And last but not lease Mascara, who could step outside their front door with it. My choice is Maybelline Volume Express one by one – really opens the eyes and males you look you havn’t a tonne of lost luggage worrying you!




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